Detailed instructions.
Ben Reynolds, Eric Ruleman, Katie Bartel [programming]
Grace [graphics], Andy Hicks [music]

Enlightenment is a game about a monk and his quest to restore balance to a disrupted universe. Use arrow keys to move. As you jump across the dividing line of the yin yang, gravity inverts and changes directions. Each time you jump across the middle line, you disturb it, and the line will take several seconds to reach a calmer, flatter state. As you spend time on the light side of the screen, the light side grows and the divide of the yin yang shifts. The monk loses the game if in his quest for balance, he gets pushed to the left side of the screen or if he allows one side (light or dark) to completely over take the sceen. He wins if he can keep the yin yang's dividing line relatively flat and keep it in the center of the screen.